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Weekly Akashic Readings Delivered to Your Inbox

Unlock your weekly wisdom with Soul-Centered Guidance

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Invite-Only Membership


The Golden Light Membership is available for persons who have completed a minimum of (6) six separate 1-hour Akashic Record readings with Melanie and have been invited by Melanie to join the membership. Limited spaces available. 


How it Works

  1. Get Started! When you sign up, you're granting Melanie exclusive access to your records for each weekly reading.

  2. Sunday Insights (Pacific Standard Time) Every Sunday, in the peaceful confines of her studio, Melanie meticulously compiles and audio records the invaluable insights that pertain to your week ahead. These sessions, tailored to your unique needs, typically run for about 10 minutes and bring fresh perspectives every week. 

    Please note: Your session is confidential, and no one else is present during this recording. You don't need to be present for the reading, and there's no need to provide specific questions. Melanie will access the records with the intention of gathering information for the upcoming week.

  3. Your Personalized .mp3 Session Following the session, Melanie will promptly dispatch the audio recording directly to your inbox as a convenient .mp3 file. This allows you the freedom to revisit and absorb your session at your own pace, as many times as you desire.

Sign up, sit back and relax!

Q and A

Q: Do I need to send you questions? 

A: No need to send questions. I approach the records with a clear intention: What does (person's name) need to hear, know, integrate or understand this coming week?

Q: Will I be on the phone with you during the session?

A: No, your session will be conducted on Sunday and sent directly to your email for your convenience and enjoyment.

Q: I have specific topics I want to look at. Can I send those to you?

A: While our focus is on the present moment and the week ahead, if you have specific topics or questions you'd like to explore, feel free to reach out and schedule a session! Sessions provide ample time for in-depth exploration and discovery.

Q: How many readings do we get each month?

A: You'll receive an email every week for four (4) weeks. If there is a 5th Sunday in a month, a reading will not be sent

out on the 5th, but will begin again when the new month begins.

Currently, readings are sent out every Sunday evening.

Q: What kind of information do people get each week?

A: The information provided is tailored to your specific situation in life. One week, it might involve clearing a single contract, while the next could focus on a business relationship, and so on. It varies entirely based on your unique circumstances.

Q: How long is each recorded session?

A: Each recorded session typically lasts around 10 minutes, though the duration may vary slightly from week to week.

Your Benefits

(What Others are Saying)

You may experience the following:

  • emotional, mental, physical or spiritual release

  • an improvement of physical, emotional, mental or spiritual well-being

  • a reduction in physical or emotional pain

  • relief of physical pain

  • remembering or uncovering true joy

  • clarity of purpose

  • awakening of an inner-vision and life direction

  • new perceptions or outlooks on life

  • opportunities to connect with your divine team of guides in effective ways

  • understanding of how to better yourself as a person, parent, or family member

  • improved ideas for your business or career path

  • connect with your passions, talents, hobbies and other natural abilities

  • an exploration of your past lives in relation to current events -- and potential release of past life agreements or other aspects blocking current progression

  • receive prayers, meditations or tools specifically for you and your growth


"Each week, I am reminded of who I am and what my possibilities are. I feel safe to follow what feels right for myself."

-- M.S.

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“I'm grateful for the reflections and opportunities the records have offered me. I have seen physical and emotional healing layer by layer.”

-- Thomas, G.

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