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Guided Meditations

Please enjoy these custom guided meditations to help you with your daily life. Wear headphones, as each meditation uses binaural and/or solfeggio frequencies for added benefits.


The Golden Egg Meditation

Grounding and shielding meditation.

This simple meditation is beautiful and helpful especially when done daily. 

This meditation is a gift from my friend, Terri.

The Golden Egg MeditationMelanie Bright
00:00 / 09:23

Grounding & Shielding Meditation

This meditation will help you ground into your body and set up an energetic/etheric shield. Best if used every morning and before bed each night.

Ground and Shield MeditationMelanie Bright
00:00 / 03:44

The Quick Shield Meditation

No time to meditate?

This quick exercise enables you to shield up when you're on the go.

Quick ShieldMelanie Bright
00:00 / 02:49

The "I AM" Meditation

Affirmations are powerful tools to set and call in manifestations. Affirmations also offer emotional support.

The "I AM" MeditationMelanie Bright
00:00 / 04:21

Clean & Clear

Enjoy a journey of connection with Source to clear and cleanse the mind, body, and spirit. This meditation includes grounding, clearing and shielding. Embrace and reconnect yourself to the divine.

Clean and Clear MeditationMelanie Bright
00:00 / 12:22

Inner Child Meditation

Use this meditation to connect with every age of your past self to inspire connection, forgiveness, reconciliation, forgiveness, and love.

Inner Child MeditationMelanie Bright
00:00 / 19:59

Observe and Release Tough Emotions

This is a quick and simple body scan to locate, identify, and release difficult emotions.

Observing and Releasing Tough EmotionsMelanie Bright
00:00 / 03:47

Body Acceptance

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and embrace the power of body acceptance. Tune in and turn a new page in your personal story, where your body is not just accepted but honored as the perfect vessel for your journey through life.

Body AcceptanceMelanie Bright
00:00 / 14:41

Harmony Restoration

Designed in the Records specifically for those who navigate the depths of spiritual service. This is a profound tool for actively dispelling negative entities, shielding against spiritual attacks, and releasing the energetic burdens that impede your sacred work. Reclaim the purity of your energetic bodies and return to a state of clear, unburdened existence.

Harmony RestorationMelanie Bright
00:00 / 06:20

The Spaces In-Between

This meditation is crafted to navigate and purify the spaces between ethereal junctures. This session is your spiritual antiseptic, sealing the gaps and restoring the continuity of your interdimensional fabric, leaving no room for negative entities to dwell.

Spaces In-BetweenMelanie Bright
00:00 / 06:33

Shed & Embrace

Release all aspects of your identity, then choose what serves your highest good to reintegrate. This practice offers liberation from burdens and a deliberate path towards embodying your true purpose.

Shed and EmbraceMelanie Bright
00:00 / 06:11

More Meditations Coming Soon!

"It's so easy and relaxing to float with your meditation. Our thoughts and perception are so coherent."
"I've been doing this meditation daily. It is by far the most effective and successful and powerful grounding energy practice I've come across. It's apart of my life now. Thank you so much. I've always struggled with my root chakra, and this is making a very real and positive change in my life. Much love. Namaste. <3 <3 <3"
"This is so easy. Thank you for such a simple and effective meditation."
"These meditations are wonderful and life changing, thank you very much!"
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