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When I worked with Melanie, she saw my financial abundance being subtly drained by an energetic link to an old acquaintance. She dismantled the siphon and said it would take my angelic medical team three days to carefully clean and heal the damage. Three days later, my boss took me out to lunch and unexpectedly gave me a big raise PLUS a bonus! I was blown away! Not only that, but my side business attracted a high-value client just a few weeks later.

- I.B.

My reading with Melanie was like experiencing a beautiful miracle. I felt the desire and nudge to book a session and listened to the guidance. I had a gorgeous release of fear and the bonds that have been holding me back. I feel free. I feel excited and inspired to live the way I was meant to live. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
- Trudy Stoner


My reading with Melanie was wonderful! She came to me as a referral from a friend who I trust a great deal. I was looking for support and wisdom regarding a couple different life transition issues and Melanie was exactly what I needed in this part of my journey. She very genuinely and compassionately offered her insight and guidance moving forward. Her ability to see and provide the wisdom I needed is very grounded and accurate. I have work ahead of me from the session, but her clarity on what I need to do to move forward is amazing. She is kind, compassionate and speaks truth. Thank you, Melanie, for sharing your gifts. With love, Sharon.

- Sharon C.


A warm, trustworthy, and pure heart are the best words I can find to describe Melanie. I felt completely safe, heard, and seen during my Akashic Records Reading. The information provided exceeded my expectations. I appreciated Melanie’s patient, careful focus on the flood of messages from the records, which she conveyed in a descriptive, specific, integrated, and thorough manner. Melanie expertly wove together previous lifetimes into my preplanned destiny for this lifetime. She conveyed information that pertained to current challenges along with spot on suggestions for healing past wounds and moving forward into the next chapter of my life. I came away from our session feeling greatly appreciative and inspired with a new, more empowering perspective and life direction.

- D'Arcy Humble


Melanie came highly recommended and certainly didn't disappoint. I was very emotional, while asking my questions and receiving answers. I felt held, understood and safe to explore the depths of my situation with Melanie. My answers were on-point and gave me the peace of mind that I was seeking.

- Paul W.

I watched how, over the course of the following few weeks, the things you said were accurate. For example, you had mentioned that I would be in touch with Whale Spirit and Hawaii was calling -- maybe a trip this coming January or February. I had no plans to go to Hawaii. I wasn't sure about what that meant. Then, suddenly, within a week of the reading, my friends reached out saying they were getting married in Hawaii this coming January 29. This is one example, but after seeing all these things fall into place, I realized you got this!

- Laurie


My session with Melanie was heartfelt, warm and very healing. She takes the time to softly work with energies that are blocking you from progression, and takes the care needed to remove them gently but efficiently. I can personally say that after our session I can feel the difference, and I recommend her whole heartedly to those that feel called to her. If you’re needing your Akashic records read, she’s your gal.

- Jami


I had a breakthrough six hours after the very enlightening session I had with Melanie. Since then, things with an issue I had greatly improved. She was spot on with so much, and I am now feeling shifts and manifestations coming through. I will definitely have another session with Melanie. If you are even considering this, it is worth it!

- Melissa S.

"Since my session with Melanie, I experienced major shifts in my life. I had been wrestling with a major career decision and had been agonizing over it for months. Melanie helped me gain the clarity I needed to confidently make the decision without regrets. My life has continued to shift in ways I couldn't have imagined. Melanie is truly amazing!"
- Jenn H.

"I was so excited when my sister called to tell me about her session with Melanie, and that I had a session waiting for me. My session was brilliant and truly clear to the source of what was interfering with my energy. Also tips and beautiful meditations [were given to me] to keep the energy clear. Melanie is a blessing to me and I know all who seek her assistance will be so, so grateful for her abilities and gifts. Do not hesitate to get a session with Melanie. Thank you Dear Heart for all you have assisted in helping me."

- Paula R.


Melanie is the real deal. I confess I was skeptical before our first session, but open to what she had to offer. She really listened to and understood my questions and was able to not only give me insight into everything I was asking about, but worked with energies to clear my consciousness and traumas. The session felt subtle at the time, but as I observed myself over a few weeks, I saw big shifts in many areas of my life. She saw things that I had NOT told her anything about and described my issues from the inside. From just two sessions, which for me, included clearing out a layer of self-doubt I wasn’t fully aware was in my space (I’m quite a confident person, so this was surprising.) as well as helping cut cords to past traumas and persecution and other core issues. I have felt improvements in many areas of my life including singing, presentations, piano playing, self-trust, a clearer gut feeling for my own intuition/psychic abilities and more. Being a healer myself, I can confidently say she is masterful and sacred in her readings, and that it is not just information, but sessions can be truly healing. I am deeply grateful. Thank you so much for our sessions. Quite profound. So many breakthroughs and clearings. THANK YOU.

- Barbara R. Yaffee, Astrological Readings, Teacher, Healer, Seminar Leader

My intention for working with Melanie was to restore a sense of peace in both my body and my home. My home was starting to feel like a place of chaos, externally surrounded by a lot of noise that was impacting how we felt there. After my session with Melanie, not only did I feel grounded and feel a physical sense of peace, but the most affirming, unexpected, synchronistic thing happened! Two days later, a Uhaul truck showed up next door and the neighbors that were the greatest source of noise moved out. We couldn't believe it! It felt like in the reclamation and restoration of peace during our session, there was space made for what was in alignment with the greatest good and peace for all. What beautiful work.
- C. C.

Melanie Bright is a gifted reader of the Akashic Records. She receives the records information with great accuracy and insightful explanations. This experience of receiving information about who and what I am has greatly helped to understand the bits and pieces of insights I have had throughout my life. She is a delightful person to talk with and her voice is of an angelic being. I want to have more sessions with this gifted woman. You have opened a gate that I want to walk through to find more peace in my life.- Kathleen Graf

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