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About Melanie

Intuitive Empath.

Professional uplifter.

Professional listener.

Teaching you how to tap into your own healing power.

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About Melanie


Melanie was born an intuitive empath, though she wasn't aware of these abilities until in her mid-twenties. 

On top of her natural intuitive abilities, Melanie's extensive education in the healing arts began almost a decade ago when her son was born with a life-threatening heart condition. Taken from her arms one minute after birth, her son was placed into a coma. At one-week old, he had open-heart surgery. He then had open-heart surgery again at four months old. Melanie declared she would learn to heal herself and her child, no matter what it took. The very first healing art she dove into was nutrition. From there, Melanie dove headfirst into all the modalities and ancient teachings that resonated. 

Melanie has found herself all over the world, including Costa Rica, Peru and Africa to learn ancient teachings from multi-generational shamans, teachers and elders.

Mother of 3 beautiful children and wife to a loving man who has always been willing to go the distance within himself for himself and the family.

She also loves to travel, teach, encourage and listen. 


2009 Bachelor of the Arts in Communications

2013 to present:

Kundalini Yoga Breathwork

Transformational Breathwork

Kundalini Yoga

Nonvoilent Communication



Holistic Plant Medicines


Shadow Work 

Akashic Records 

Life Coaching

Trauma-informed Coaching/Counseling

Early Childhood Education


2014 Certified Reiki 

2017 Certified Minister (Rev. Bright)

2018 Transformational Breathwork apprentice

2022 Certified Akashic Record Readership


Melanie specializes in the Akashic Records and the processes of reclaiming and integrating the parts of ourselves we had disowned as we grew up in order to survive. She offers trauma-informed care.

Who I Help

I help those who want help and are open to receiving guidance from their own soul and divine team of guides. I help those who actively seek to open themselves up to the truth of who they are.

How I Do It

The Akashic Records allows for a space where healing can occur. From within the records, I let the magic flow and the divine guidance provides space for miracles.

What's in It For You

A renewed newness on how you approach life.

Simplicity at its finest. 

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